LGV drivers using mobile devices face stricter penalties.

Posted by andrewt


The public consultation for stricter penalties for driving and using a hand-held device has started.The DfT proposals include tougher fines for LGV/HGV drivers.

As announced in December as part of the Government’s Road Safety Plan the consultation seeks feedback on proposals for increasing fines from £100 to £150 for all drivers,

Views have also been invited on increasing the number of penalty points given from the current three to four points for all non-HGV drivers, and from three points to six for HGV licence holders who commit the offence when driving.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists welcomed the move.

Director of policy and research, Neil Greig, said: “Forcing all drivers caught using a hand-held mobile for the first time to attend a re-education course would be a really positive step”.

“For many, smartphone use has become an addiction that we can only start to cure through some form of therapy. The IAM does not object to tougher penalties but we do believe that the real deterrent is fear of being caught. That fear can only be increased by increasing the numbers of traffic police on our roads.”

Cellcontrol protects drivers and their businesses by blocking use of mobile devices when driving, removing the temptation to talk, message, surf and use social media.

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