Cellcontrol launches it’s award-winning DriveID in the UK.

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Cellcontrol launches it’s award-winning DriveID in the UK. The world’s No1 distracted driving product is set to reduce teenage road accidents in the UK.

DriveID, from Cellcontrol, is to launch in the UK in September 2015. The system protects teenage drivers, who are twice as likely to die in a crash than more experienced drivers, from the dangers of distracted driving

The system allows the parent to specify which, if any, features of the phone can be used by the driver when in a moving vehicle. A notification is sent to the parent should their teenage driver try to tamper with the system, so they can be safe in the knowledge that their teenager can’t be distracted by their phone when they are behind the wheel.

One in five newly qualified young drivers will have an accident within 6 months of passing their test and 20% of teenagers admit to having prolonged text conversations when driving.

These worrying statistics are regularly cited in newspapers on on the television but, until now, parents have been powerless to protect their teenage drivers from the perils of distracted driving and the temptation to use email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media when behind the wheel.

Cellcontrol’s award-winning system, has three parts. DriveID is a solar powered device that is fixed to the windscreen behind the rear-view mirror so it is compatible with every vehicle. DriveProtect is an app that is loaded onto the phone, and there is a web-based console for setup and management. It takes just a minutes to set up and then it immediately protects the driver. Cellcontrol has already had huge success in the US.

The parent can decide how the phone can be used so, for example, hands-free use can be allowed, as can the use of Sat-Nav or even music. Or the phone can be locked down entirely.

DriveID is also unique in that it can determine where the phone is in the vehicle. This allows passengers to use the phone, but not the person sitting in the driving seat. Of course, calls to the emergency services are always allowed.

Driving scores based on harsh braking, acceleration and speed are also provided, so you can discuss with your teenager about how to improve their driving style. Also, as smoother driving means better fuel economy, the system will save money as well. There is even an a history of journeys available which also highlight the time and location of driving incidents.

Cellcontrol supports virtually all smartphones including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and even some laptops.

Advanced orders are now being taken on the company’s UK website at www.cellcontrol.co.uk where there is also a video explaining the system.


Editor note: As an introductory offer, the full system, including DriveID, DriveProtect with driver behaviour and journey history is being bundled into a one-off payment, including lifetime protection for up to five drivers so the whole family can be protected.

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