All businesses that employ drivers are exposed to the risks of employees using their mobile phones when they are driving a company vehicle.

One in four accidents in the UK is now believed to be caused by distracted driving. Making phone calls, texting, emailing or using any phone application when vehicles are in motion, significantly increases the probability of being involved in an accident and if it is caused by the actions of your driver, your business and its Directors are potentially liable for that accident. If you haven’t taken adequate steps to guard against employee phone use when driving this could result in punitive fines and even imprisonment.

You may instruct your drivers to not use their phones when they drive. You may have adopted a corporate phone policy. Unfortunately, you still have to hope that your drivers comply with your instructions to protect your business, pedestrians, cyclists and your corporate reputation.

Cellcontrol removes the need for hope. It both enforces and polices your corporate phone policy so you can rest assured that you have taken all the necessary steps to minimise the risk to your drivers and the public.

Let Cellcontrol keep temptation out of reach and eliminate the risk posed to your business from distracted driving.


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Simple to setup and use

Cellcontrol takes less than five minutes to set up. Simply fix the solar powered DriveID unit to the windscreen, install the Cellcontrol app on the phone and you are fully protected. No complex Bluetooth pairing, no OBD ‘dongle’ that invalidates your vehicle warranty. Just stick it to the windscreen, download the app and sit back, safe in the knowledge that your business is fully protected.

The administration portal allows you to setup groups and create corporate policies; or you can just leave Cellcontrol to block all phone use.

Once the app is installed, it just works. Any attempt to uninstall or tamper with Cellcontrol results in a text message or email alert being sent to you so you always know that it is working for you behind the scenes, with no need for you to spend any time managing or checking reports.

Our technology has been recognised by a number of authorities including the Consumer Reports, Consumer Electronics Show and Highway agencies and it’s used by families and businesses around the world.


Custom Policies

Cellcontrol enables you to set up company policies for your business, driver groups, people and locations. These policies let you dictate which mobile device features are available for use by the driver when a vehicle is moving. These options can vary from allowing handsfree use of a mobile device, whitelisting certain applications such as Sat Nav, or forcing a complete ‘lock down’ disabling any use of the mobile device. (Access to emergency service calls is always available.)

Performance monitoring

Cellcontrol can optionally be used to monitor driving styles such as excessive speed, harsh braking and any attempts at unlawful phone usage. Driver scores can be compared to improve driving styles over time and, of course, better driving reduces fuel consumption together with vehicle wear and tear, providing a speedy return on investment.

Supports iPhone, Android, tablets and laptops.

Cellcontrol supports smartphones including Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows 5&6, together with tablets and laptops.

Cellcontrol offers the original and ONLY distracted driving application for Apple’s iPhone that controls and prevents its use when a vehicle is moving.


Although Cellcontrol’s primary function is to block phone usage, it is also optionally able to provide driver performance information, providing even more benefits to your business.

Driving styles

Driving style has a direct impact on fuel use, vehicle wear and tear and overall risk, which means it’s essential for employers to be confident their drivers are being sensible and safe when on the roads. Cellcontrol’s optional Driver Performance module can help change attitudes of drivers, resulting in them becoming more efficient, reducing fuel use and vehicle maintenence.

Driver Scoring

Driver scores can be optionally generated after every trip made, identifying positive or negative driving trends. Areas which are scored include speed, rapid acceleration and harsh braking.

Phone Use Scoring

Drivers may attempt to use their phones when they are driving even though Cellcontrol is blocking them. Phone scoring lets you understand the impact of this issue.

When your policy allows certain phone functions to be used, each trip which is completed in a vehicle will generate a ‘Phone Use Score’ which will provide information to help reinforce the reason why phone activity when driving needs to be avoided. Scores are made from genuine phone activity whilst the vehicle is moving.

Trip history and Mapping

Cellcontrol can collect and store trip information to create a journey history and also a profile for each driver. All journeys are stored so you can see the routes travelled and confirm schedule compliance.

In addition, profiles can be compared over time and include driver scores, phone usage scores and trip and geographic/map information. Driver scores can also be aggregated to allow comparisons between drivers.



Hope is not a strategy

Once you formulate your mobile phone policy Cellcontrol enables you to actively police and enforce it. You will have the confidence that your employees are always following your policy in respect of mobile phone use and there is never a risk of temptations to use their mobile devices when at the wheel. You can receive real-time alerts of any tampering and daily reports across your fleet so that you always know the extent of any potential issues.


Administrative Management Console:

Cellcontrol includes a comprehensive system management console that provides:

  • An overview of all drivers and vehicles
  • Drill down functionality
  • More than 40 pre-defined dashboard reports
  • Policy, group and site administration
  • User access based on company rolePortal


All of the bells and whistles – always innovating


Disables texting while driving

Cellcontrol disables the ability to text while driving a vehicle. Texting is now considered more dangerous than drunk driving and greatly diminishes awareness and reaction time.


Supports handsfree technology

If your corporate policy allows handsfree use, Cellcontrol can be set to allow hands free communication via Bluetooth.


Customisable and flexible policy

To meet your specific needs, Cellcontrol is highly customisable. You decide what to allow or disallow while driving. Block texting and all apps or allow navigation only. It’s flexible and lets you decide.


Restrict or limit application access (Facebook, Twitter…)

Cellcontrol prevents the ability to use other apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and all other smartphone applications. Emergency numbers are always allowed although you should stop the vehicle before making even emergency calls unless it is unsafe to do so.


“Always on” technology

Cellcontrol has no ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ buttons. It has the intelligence to dynamically awaken and automatically protect without end-user interaction. Get in the car, start the engine, begin to drive and Cellcontrol immediately protects.


Simple setup

Three steps and less than five minutes will have your Cellcontrol up and running – ready to enable safe driving. No tools required, only you car and phone are needed.


Vehicle motion activated

Cellcontrol enforces policy when the vehicle is in motion. Start to drive and within moments Cellcontrol will fully protect your drivers.


Optional location & speed alerts

Being a great driver is more than not using a mobile device while driving. Understanding bad driving habits will help improve driving dramatically. The optional Cellcontrol DriverPerformance delivers driver scores, phone use scores, speed alerts and location & route.


Enforceable – Tamper Resistant

To ensure regular use, Cellcontrol has incorporated a number of countermeasures to notify you when an attempt has been made to tamper with the solution. A history of these event are accessible via the Cellcontrol web-based management console. This capability is customisable.


Reports & Active Monitoring

Configure Cellcontrol to deliver alerts and notifications for a variety of actions or violations including attempts to disable the system, speeding, low phone use scores and much more. Always have access to historical activities through the management console.


The ONLY Apple-approved distracted driving solution

Our distracted driving solution is the ONLY Apple approved App Store solution that delivers true policy enforcement on all iPhones 4S’s and later. This includes iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


iPhone, Android, BlackBerry & Windows Support

Cellcontrol’s goal is universal support. We have the best global phone & device coverage. Currently we Apple iOS (4S+), Android, Blackberry (from v5), Windows mobile 5 and 6 on mobile phones, iOS and Android tablets and even laptops.


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