General Questions

What is Cellcontrol?

Cellcontrol is a unique product that eliminates the dangers of distracted driving by blocking access to the phone, text messaging, email, social media. It can block phone entirely or allow certain applications uch as hands-free use, SatNav etc.

Why should I use it?

Because it is both illegal and very dangerous to use a mobile device when driving. It is estimated that 1.6 million accidents each year happen as a result of distracted driving. Teenage drivers are a high-risk group because of their reliance on smartphones. Fleet operators are responsible for their drivers while driving company vehicles and even though they may have a corporate phone policy to protect themselves, a policy alone cannot be policed and enforced.

Drive ID, from Cellcontrol provides the ability for parents to protect their teenage drivers and gives fleet operators the ability to enforce their corporate phone policy and protect their drivers, the public and their corporate reputation.

How does it Work

Cellcontrol consists of a small device, DriveID together with the Cellcontrol App that is available from Apple App and Google Play stores and a web-based management console. The DriveID unit is fixed to the vehicle’s windscreen, behind the rear view mirror, using automotive quality sticky pads. The app is downloaded to the driver’s phone. (Multiple phones can be protected using Drive ID)

When DriveID detects that the vehicle is in motion, it transmits a signal to the phone that enforces the mobile device policy that you have set up on the management console.

Who should use Cellcontrol?

Primarily it is aimed at safeguarding teenage children and fleet drivers although it can be used by anyone with a mobile device.

Why is it aimed at Teenage and Fleet Drivers?

Because Teen drivers have parents who want to protect them by ensuring that they are driving safely and Fleets have a duty to their drivers and the general public to ensure their fleet vehicles are being driven responsibly.

Cellcontrol provides the tools to enforce a phone use policy that is managed entirely by the parent or fleet operator, the driver has no interaction with the Cellcontrol system.

Why is it different to other ‘distracted driving’ solutions?

Other systems do exist and they fall into two categories. Firstly, there are Apps that the user puts onto their mobile device themselves. As these are controlled by the driver, they are self-policing so, if the driver really wants to make a call, unlike Cellcontrol, he or she can just disable the app. The second type has a ‘dongle’ – a small device that fits into the vehicle’s diagnostic (OBD) port. The problem with these is that many vehicles don’t have always-accessible OBD ports. Also manufacturers do not approve of the use of this port and, in a worst case scenario, unauthorised use of the OBD port can invalidate the vehicle warranty.

Can drivers use Bluetooth hands free systems?

Yes. hands free phone use is an option that can be allowed or disallowed. Cellcontrol fully supports existing and future car infotainment systems, aftermarket headsets, hands free devices and other Bluetooth products.  In many cases, it re-enforces the use of those systems with our patented policy enforcement.  For instance, with FordSync, you can set the policy to allow hands free calling and music.  However, if the driver un-pairs from FordSync because they want to use the phone inappropriately (others in car hearing conversation, reading text, etc.) Cellcontrol will enforce policy and deny them access to unauthorised apps or functions until they re-pair to FordSync, and are using the device within the definition of acceptable use.

What happens if a call is started before getting into the vehicle?

If the smartphone automatically connects to the hands-free system, then the call may be able to be continued on hands-free, depending on the type of equipment being used and your policy set-up. If there is no hands-free connection then, once the vehicle is moving the call will be disconnected.

What happens if someone calls the driver while they are driving?

If hands-free is connected and your policy allows its use, the driver will be able to take the call. If not, then the call will be diverted to voicemail. If the incoming communication is an SMS the caller will receive a text message* informing them that the call cannot be taken. This message is editable in the management console. (*Android only)

Can the driver use applications such as Sat Nav and Music over Bluetooth?

Yes, there is an option to whitelist certain applications and this can be setup in the management console within your policy.

What if the driver needs to make an emergency call?

Cellcontrol always allows access to the Emergency numbers. However, the law states that you may use a mobile phone when driving in an emergency situation only when it is unsafe or not possible to stop. For this reason, if you are in an emergency situation, you should still pull over if it is safe to do so.

What about passengers?

DriveID is unique, in that it is the only system able to distinguish between drivers and passengers. This feature can be enabled in the policy so passengers can use their mobile devices when they are in the vehicle.

What happens if the driver uninstalls the application or turns off Bluetooth?

Cellcontrol takes control of the Bluetooth on your phone and will not allow it to be turned off.  Cellcontrol is also able to prevent the app being uninstalled on some phones. In any event, the phone is monitored at all times and any attempt to tamper with or uninstall the app will result in an alert being sent to the parent or fleet administrator informing them of the date, time and circumstances of the incident.

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