Cellcontrol’s Safe Driving Technology blocked over 40 million texts and apps from drivers’ phones in the first three months of 2016.

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Technology Cure to Distracted Driving Protected Drivers From Distractions On More Than 460 Million Miles Travelled

Pic2Our latest quarterly distracted driving report revealed that our award-winning technology has protected customers from distraction behind the wheel for more than 460 million miles. Furthermore, Cellcontrol customers have also been protected from trying to access over 40 million apps and texts and iMessages in the same period.
“Our statistics tell a very plain truth, there is a technology cure to distracted driving, especially when you cover over 460 million miles driven without a single accident caused by a mobile device,” said Cellcontrol USA CEO Robert Guba.
Andrew Tillman, Director of Cellcontrol’s UK Distributor G2M Technology commented “Many countries such as here in the UK have total bans on distracted driving, so we’re not only protecting and saving lives but keeping our customers and their drivers from incurring costly fines.”

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