Distracted driving is an escalating problem in the UK. Around 1.3 million, or 1 in 4 of all accidents, are now blamed on drivers using mobile phones. 20% of all teenagers admit to responding to at least one text message every time they drive.  With texting whilst driving now being recognised as more dangerous and causing more accidents than drink driving, wouldn’t it be comforting to be able to eliminate this risk?

DriveID from Cellcontrol now provides you with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your family can’t use their phones to talk, text, message, tweet, WhatsApp, Facebook, or use any other applications  when they are driving.

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Watch the road, not your phone

Cellcontrolâ„¢ safeguards drivers and provides peace of mind for their loved ones. Inappropriate interaction with a mobile device is prevented, along with the ability to text, read, post to Facebook, Twitter, take a selfie, play a game, Snapchat or do anything else with a smartphone to distract the driver. Smartphone use is limited to a policy that you can define for what can or cannot be done with the mobile device when the vehicle is in motion. Cellcontrolâ„¢ can even create zones in the vehicle, allowing passengers the freedom to use mobile technology, while the driver-zone remains protected. Cellcontrol’s mobile policy enforcement technology has been recognised by Consumer Reports, the Consumer Electronics Show and major transportation agencies as the leading protector in the fight against distracted driving. It is used around the world by families and major companies to protect their drivers and their communities.


DriveID from Cellcontrol is a solar-powered device that is easily fixed to your vehicle’s windscreen and communicates via Bluetooth with any phone installed with Cellcontrol software. Our unique technology means that there is no complicated device pairing necessary – it just works, providing restricted usage of devices when driving and providing a safer driving environment.

Custom Policy

Cellcontrol’s DriveProtect technology allows you to create a policy for each phone enabled with the Cellcontrol app and you can customise each policy to your specific needs. Certain applications and features, such as hands free kits or Google maps for satellite navigation, can be allowed or a complete lock down can be enabled. Emergency access to 999, however, is always available.

Policy Enforcement

With Cellcontrol,  automatic policy enforcement makes sure that your kids and other family members are safe while driving. Cellcontrol can’t be removed or disabled from the phone and it will even send you a text alert or email to tell you if someone has tampered with it or attempted to remove it from their phone. Cellcontrol can also send you alerts related to driver behaviour, such as excessive speed, rapid acceleration and harsh braking.

Supports iPhone, Android and more

Cellcontrol supports Apple iOS (4S+), Android, Blackberry (from v5), Windows mobile 5 and 6 on mobile phones, iOS and Android tablets and even laptops.

NOTE – Cellcontrol is the ONLY distracted driving solution that prevents text, email and inappropriate use of Apple’s iPhone when a vehicle is in motion.


Receive feedback on phone usage and driving style to help improve your driving

Driver Metrics (and saving money!)

How fast we drive, how quickly we accelerate, how hard we brake or turn are all based on habits formed early in our driving experience and unfortunately we don’t always learn good habits. Cellcontrol can gather information such as how fast the person is driving, braking or accelerating and put all of this data into an easy to understand format. This lets you know what areas can be improved, resulting in a better driving experience for everyone in and around the vehicle. Driving more carefully will also save you money on fuel and maintenance costs and these savings can pay for Cellcontrol over a short period of time.

Driver Scoring

After each trip, all the data collected by Cellcontrol is put together to form a ‘Driver Score’. This driver score can help to identify both positive and negative driving trends related to how a vehicle was driven. Once this driver score has been assessed, high scores can be rewarded or simply used to make the person aware of how to improve. The primary areas which are assessed are speed, harsh braking and rapid acceleration.

Phone Use Scoring

Mobiles phones have become an integral and essential part of today’s society. With a mobile phone, the world is at your fingertips and unfortunately this can be a problem. With modern phones capable of calling, texting, taking pictures, web browsing and more, many people can easily become distracted and reach for their phone at times of boredom, to respond to an incoming message or just out of habit. Many people are unaware of just how dangerous this can be.

This is where Cellcontrol comes in. After each trip, Cellcontrol generates a ‘Phone Use Score’ based on the number of times the driver tries to access the phone and this can be used to help curb inappropriate activity. Scores are generated from actual phone activity when the device is used by the driver while driving.

Driving history and Mapping

Cellcontrol will collect and store trips that have been made in the vehicle. You can then access historical journey information together with previous driver scores, phone use scores and geographic/map information. Individual driver scores are combined to show an overall average score for each driver which can then be compared with past scores and those of other drivers.


View historical data and receive notifications


Trip Maps

After every trip Cellcontrol can provide a highlighted map showing what route was taken for each trip logged. This allows you to know exactly where your child has driven to, and this knowledge, along with the Cellcontrol’s phone score, can help encourage safer driving. This optional feature provides parents with peace of mind and a sense of security knowing that their children are safely where they are supposed to be.


Any attempts to disable Cellcontrol are logged and a notification will be sent to the the parent. All notifications are configurable and you can choose which ones you want to receive alerts for.

Historical Data

Becoming a better driver doesn’t happen overnight. Cellcontrol gives you access to historical data to see how driving has improved and phone use trends change over time.



Prevents texting while driving

Cellcontrol disables the ability to text while driving a vehicle. Texting is now considered more dangerous than drunk driving and greatly diminishes awareness and reaction time.


Restrict or limit application access (facebook, twitter…)

Cellcontrol prevents the ability to use other apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and all other smartphone applications. Emergency numbers are always allowed although you should stop the vehicle before making even emergency calls unless it is unsafe to do so.


Customisable policy

You can decide to what extent a phone can be used when driving. From full lock down, to allowing applications such as Satellite Navigation or Music, it’s up to you.


Supports handsfree technology

Cellcontrol can permit the use of bluetooth handsfree kits if you choose to allow this.


“Always on” technology

Cellcontrol has no ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ buttons. It has the intelligence to dynamically awaken and automatically protect without end-user interaction. Get in the car, start the engine, begin to drive and Cellcontrol immediately protects.


Simple setup

Three steps and less than five minutes will have your Cellcontrol up and running and ready to enable safe driving. No tools required, only your car and phone are needed.


Vehicle motion activated

Cellcontrol enforces policy when the vehicle is in motion. Start to drive and within moments Cellcontrol will fully protect your family.


Optional location & speed alerts

Being a great driver is much more than simply not using a mobile device while driving. Understanding bad driving habits will help improve driving dramatically. Cellcontrol delivers driver and phone use scores, speed alerts, location and routes.


Enforceable and tamper Proof

To ensure constant use, Cellcontrol incorporates countermeasures to prevent and notify any tampering or attempts to disable it. A history of these events are accessible via the Cellcontrol console, from where alerts and reports can be customised.


Reports & activity monitoring

Configure Cellcontrol to deliver alerts and notifications for a variety of actions or violations, including attempts to disable the system, speeding, phone use, driving scores and more. Always have access to historical activities through the management console.


The ONLY Apple-approved distracted driving solution

Our distracted driving solution is the ONLY Apple approved App Store solution that delivers true policy enforcement on all iPhones 4S’s and later. This includes iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


iPhone, Android, BlackBerry & Windows Support

Cellcontrol’s goal is universal support. We have the best global phone & device coverage. Currently we support Apple iOS (4S+), Android, Blackberry (from v5), Windows mobile 5 and 6 on mobile phones, iOS and Android tablets and even laptops.


*Each DriveID can protect up to five different devices

**Cellcontrol is currently compatible with all iPhones and iPads running iOS7 and above, All Android devices from version 2.2 and above, Blackberry 5 and above and Windows Mobile 6&7. It is also compatible with most bluetooth equipped laptops running Windows 7 & Vista.

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